Bow Wow credits Diddy for his return to music

Bow Wow says the main reason he went back to music was an inspiring talk from Diddy; that's what locked it in for him.

Emily Treadgold

Bow Wow opened up about his return to music in a new interview. He said that Diddy was responsible for inspiring him to come back. He was in LA at Diddy's house, and Diddy told him that he was a legend, and he didn't want to see him doing anything else, he wanted him to return to music. 

Look at me, bro. You a f---ing legend, bro. Cut the bullsh-- out, I see you pumping the brand -- I dont wanna see sh-- else.


He continued to talk about how he didn't care about what other people said about him, and he was always just doing what he felt was right for him at the time. He said he had a lot of people that pushed him to get back into music but when Diddy said that to him that was it. He said, "When [Diddy] looked at me and said those words to me, thats when I just locked in -- say no more, thats a forever promise.