Radiohead and Hans Zimmer Team Up for Blue Planet II.

Radiohead has teamed up with Hans Zimmer have partnered for the BB series 'Blue Planet II.'

Emily Treadgold

In the most random and dreamy collab ever, Radiohead has teamed up with Hans Zimmer have partnered to reimagine the bands song Bloom for the BB series Blue Planet II.

The new song is called ocean (bloom). Of course, Thom Yorke provided vocals and is backed by the BBC Concert Orchestra. The song Bloom was originally featured on their 2011 album The King Of Limbs. Yorke, Greenwood, and Zimmer all spoke to Matt Everitt about the song and Yorke detailed his interest in ecological matters and how is was sparked by the series.

"The fact that this TV series is coming out at this moment, I hope rekindles our love of the oceans and our desire to understanding, really, our relationship to them."

Blue Planet II will arrive on BBC One later this year. The seven-part series took four years to complete, with filming taking place across 39 different countries.


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