Blac Chyna is dating an 18-year-old rapper

Blac Chyna doesn't seem to care about age, she's making her way to the next big rapper YBN Almighty Hay who is only 18 years old.

Emily Treadgold

Blac Chyna is dating a guy who is ten years younger than her. She was spotted holding hands with 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay on their second date in Studio City. They definitely look like they have a thing going on and Chyna confirmed they were dating. One of their dates even included bowling. 

It looks like these 2 definitely got a thing going on here -- Chyna confirmed as much by saying they were, like, dating. They also went bowling together the other night.

YBN Almighty Jay is a Texas rapper most known for his song "Chopsticks." It looks like Blac Chyna isn't too concerned with her sex-tape. 

Sounds Good. ?

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