Beyonce vs. Rihanna: Who is the Queen of Pop?

Both are powerhouses in the pop world but which one is the true queen of pop? Let's look at their albums and awards so far.

Emily Treadgold

Beyonce and Rihanna, how could one even choose between the two? Well from a Grammy standpoint, Beyonce has a total of 20 Grammys and Rihanna only has 8, but those are just awards. Rihanna is just 29 and has released a total of 8 studio albums. Beyonce is 36 with only 6 studio albums, but both have a discography featuring compilations, remixes, and features.

"Beyonc and Jay Z are the most famous musical couple on the planet, and Beyonc, in particular, is in a great place. With 2013s Beyonc, MJ-level talent met pop-perfectionism in a moment that defined album-cycle disruption; moreover, it was a victory lap Bey took as pop feminism's reigning goddess."

The defining album for both would be Beyonce's Lemonade which creatively was released as a full visual album, it was stunning and unique and explored her marriage with Jay-Z and dominated pop culture. Rihanna's album ANTI, was way overlooked for its unique sound, but did not take over as much as Beyonce's did. As for now, Beyonce is pretty much undisputed as the Queen, but Rihanna is still a force to be reckoned with. 

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