Weezer's 'The Black Album' coming soon

Weezer is coming out with a new album, and they're releasing their "dark album" which they say is more experimental and negative.

Emily Treadgold

The Black Album follows Weezer's release of Pacific Daydream in 2017 but it was initially supposed to be released right after The White Album. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, the band confirmed the album would be released on May 25th this year. Frontman Rivers Cuomo explained that after their tour with Panic! At The Disco he started working on it but when a song wouldn't fit he would put it into the Pacific Daydream folder.

Its experimenting with more modern electronic elements. It has one foot in the future and one foot in the past. The foot in the past would be like The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Rivers Cuomo

Pacific Daydream ended up filling up faster. He explains, "Over the month, I realized that the Pacific Daydream folder filled up first. It was very strong and a unified statement. It wasnt planned, but thats how it turned out this time.