U2's Songs of Experience

Songs of Experience is U2's 14th studio album, yes 14th. They pull features from Kendrick Lamar, HAIM, and Kygo but is it enough to be relevant in 2017?



In 2017 their release of Songs of Experience feels a little odd. It sounds like U2, without a doubt, The Edge uses his production skills on shimmering guitar riffs. Bono's voice is as effervescent as ever, but in a world where rock is a dying genre, the album falls a little flat. "Get Out Of Your Own Way" is classic U2 at it's finest, the chorus is catchy, Bono's lyricism is intricate and interesting. "Summer of Love" is a lovely ode to California, and the album is filled with songs that seem classic.

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The pursuit of relevance seems above all what motivates them to create. What are they doing, really, when time and again they endeavor to reinvent themselves, if not trying to remain fashionableor, more precisely, to stave off obsolescence?

Calum Marsh


Songs of Experience

They get all their best efforts out there. They feature Kendrick Lamar on "American Soul" and HAIM's guitar riff on "Lights of Home" and they even feature Kygo, it's like they're trying so so hard to remain hip, that's not to say it's not good but the desperation is palpable. Overall, a solid U2 album, but it's not going to change music and it's not going to be part of the culture.