Justin Timberlake's 'Man of the Woods' album is out

Justin Timberlake tries to move in a new direction with his album 'Man of the Woods' which attempts to meld Americana and pop music.



Justin Timberlake's return is an Americana-pop mashup album. It was teased with a rustic video about "the woods" and getting back to the country and his roots. However, our first taste was "Filthy" a sexy jam that harkened back to his FutureSex/LoveSounds era. The album has woodsy titles like "Flannel" and "Livin' Off The Land" but has more of a pop flavor.

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The 16 songs of Man of the Woods fall somewhere in between the fields and forests its title suggests and the slick pop of Timberlakes past releases, the latter courtesy of two production teams the singer has relied on throughout his career, The Neptunes and Timbaland. Yet part of the anticipation surrounding Timberlakes new Americana-inspired direction comes from the fact that Timberlakes dapper pop schtick has, over the past decade, started feeling stale.

Maeve McDermott
USA Today


Man of the Woods

Standout songs like "Montana" and "Breeze Off the Pond" are earwormy pieces with the mashup of guitars and beats. "Say Something" features country star Chris Stapleton and does the best job of melding the two genres and the Alicia Keys feature on "Morning Light" is perfect, but overall the mashup doesn't really work for JT.