Dr. Dre still hard at work on 'Detox' album

Fans of Dr. Dre have been waiting for his Detox album for over a decade, but now it looks like the project might come out soon.

Emily Treadgold

Dr. Dre's highly-anticipated album was once rumored to be scrapped which made him drop his Compton LP in 2015, but apparently, he's still working on the project. Chris Haynes from ESPN asked him about it and he replied that he was working on some songs and added the vague: "we'll see."

I asked Dr. Dre if Detox is permanently shelved and he replied, 'Im working on a couple songs right now. Well see.

Chris Haynes

Dr. Dre said that he wasn't "feeling it" anymore on Detox and this was after a long period of working with different artists on the project. He once said he even mad over 20 songs for the album but never released them. Hopefully, this means the mysterious album will be released soon.