Charlie Puth unveils new album 'Voicenotes': listen

Charlie Puth's 'Voicenotes' is a step in the right direction for the young crooner. With hints of R&B and funk, he shows off his vocal talents of production abilities.




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Charlie Puth's Voicenotes is bringing a new mature sound to the young prodigy. He's swinging in a more funky, R&B direction.


The album feels a little more homemade; its not overly produced. He says he created the album on a Pro Tools rig, a MIDI keyboard, and a microphone. The project emphasizes Puths talent for composition and his smooth vocals.

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I'm glad people are finally hearing the real me. This isn't the story of how I got hooked up with some cooler producer I always had this music in me, it was just a matter of executing it.

Charlie Puth
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The overarching theme tends to revolve around Puth's newfound fame and dealing with the problems that come with the spotlight. “LA Girls” deals with shallow women and “The Way I Am” talks about how Puth is going to keep being himself. You can definitely feel some Justin Timberlake vibes coming through.


Things get steamy with his Kehlani duet “Done For Me” as their voices play off each other perfectly. That bassline in “Attention” still slays. The song is easily the best thing hes ever written. “How Long” is that perfect mainstream pop hit that he has to include. The ballads seem a little out of place, but overall a solid footing for Puth who is proving to be an artist of many talents.