50 Cent on Rick Ross’ hospitalization: ‘if he dies, he dies’

50 Cent posts a not-so-subtle photo directed at his long-time enemy Rick Ross, the photo seems to say "if he dies, he dies."

Emily Treadgold

Even with Rick Ross in the hospital, 50 Cent won't let their longtime feud go. He posts a photo of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV in the scene where he is standing over Apollo Creed after a fight, and he's dying. Drago says, "if he dies, he dies." It's pretty clear what 50 Cent means by this.

50 and Ross have had a longstanding, bitter feud. It got so bad, 50 once posted a sex tape of one of Rick's baby mamas ... which brought their war to a fever pitch.


TMZ initially reported that Rick Ross was in the hospital hooked up to a machine performing heart and lung functions.However, new reports indicate he is back home after spending 4 days in the hospital.

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