21 Savage pulls gun out during pool party fight

The Atlanta rapper could find himself in serious legal peril, given his status as a felon.

Kahron Spearman

Rapper 21 Savage pulled out a loaded gun at a pool party near Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday.


As the Atlanta area's annual "Big Ass Pool Party" was taken place, a large group of uninvited guests arrived at the gathering, according to Complex. Witnesses say 21 Savage appeared upset by the disturbance. 


One of the trespassers allegedly said "hello" to a woman with Savage's group, which caused friction. 

Thats why I be so low-key cause everybody got something to say, everybody think they know everything about you, they know whats going on with you, people lie on you. Then you got the internet. I dont be trying to deal with that shit. Thats why I just stay under the radar... I dont really think its right or wrong when it come to fame. Its like, who you are as a person. Just cause you wanna be low-key, I cant say thats not the right way. You might want to be more open, I might want to be more secretive. But neither one is wrong or right. Its just preference.

Soon after, someone from the group of party crashers took out a gun during a confrontation that quickly escalated. 21 then took a revolver from an associate, which was caught on video. 


No shots were reportedly fired during the dispute; however, one of the crashers was supposedly struck. 


This will likely land the rapper in legal peril given his status as a felon, but no arrests have been made.