2 Chainz says he's a victim of fraud

The rapper started getting weird aggressive texts about paying off the rest of his Rolls Royce bill, but he caught on to the scheme.

Emily Treadgold

2 Chainz recently claimed he was the victim of a scam involving a Rolls Royce. He paid off $262,212 but still owed around $18,317. A member of the Highline Holdings Group named Joshua Wadell started aggressively texting him to pay off the bill, but 2 Chainz wasn't easy to trick.


The businessman then sent another series of text messages pretending to be a lawyer for Highline Holdings Group this time. During that interaction, 2 Chainz says Waddell falsely claimed that a default judgment had been granted in the investment groups favor, and that interest would be tacked on to the thousand-dollar debt.


He recognized the number from other business dealings and ignored the texts, but Wadell got more aggressive sending texts from another number. Waddell proceeded to pretend to be a lawyer for the group saying interest was going to be added to the debt for the car now. It's all gotten very confusing but it's clear that 2 Chainz isn't having it.

Byke at it againtonight on @viceland Most Expensivest 10:30pm

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