Dark horses take gold at X Games.

Graphicle: Crowds were pleasantly surprised when Marie Martinod & Aaron Blunck won gold in the halfpipe at the winter X Games.

Dark horses take gold at X Games.

Marie Martinod & Aaron Blunck win gold in the ski pipe titles at the winter X Games.


Marie Martinod

  • SILVER, 2014 Sochi Olympics
  • BRONZE, 2014 Winter X Games
  • BRONZE, 2006 Winter X Games

The 32-year old French freestyle skier stunned crowds with a win over the 4X champion (undefeated since 2012), Maddie Bowman.

I’ve dreamed of this as a little kid and I cannot be more stoked. To win here is unbelievable. I’m so stoked right now.

Aaron Blunck
After winning X Games ski pipe

Aaron Blunck

  • 7th, 2014 Sochi Olympics

The 20-year old American freestyle skier is an X Games veteran, but this was his first win: taking gold in the halfpipe.


Martinod (1) – 89.33 | Onozuka (2) – 87.00 | M. Bowman (3) – 86.00.

Blunck (1) – 84.66 | Porteous (2) – 81.00 | N. Bowman (3)


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