Adidas releases World Cup away kits

The German sports apparel giant's new World Cup collection is a winner, with its striking color schemes and unapologetic nostalgia of past glories.

Kahron Spearman

The 2018 edition of the World Cup in Russia is less than 90 days away, and Adidas has officially released a spectacular host of kits for Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, Argentina, and Mexico.

All of the kits paid homage to country history and significant kits of successful years past.

For example, Germany's kits are a direct nod to the green of Die Mannschaft'swinning team, from the 1990 Cup in Italy.Spain's kit throws back to a vintage Eighties look with bright red brand stripes and lines on the white and gray bases.

The kit release from Adidas simply made a mockery of Nike's inability to create unique kits.

via Eurosport's Le Buzz

Sweden and Colombia are both fitted in impressively rich blues. Sported by Bara scorer and Albiceleste captain Leo Messi, Argentina will wear its first black kit during the Cup, fashioned with throwback layered shapes.

Japan's ultra clean white-on-white and Belgium's bright kit, with its bold yellow, just may be the best of the away-kit set.