17-Year-Old snowboarder earns team USA's first gold medal at the 2018 Korean Winter Olympics

Teenage snowboarder Red Gerard wins first Team USA gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics for dominating the men's slopestyle snowboarding event.

Brittany King

Red Gerard has done it. The 17-year-old brought home America's first gold medal in the Pyeongchang Games in men's slopestyle as the Colorado native became the youngest U.S. snowboarder ever to win an Olympic medal. 


It wasn't easy. He crashed on both of his first two runs amid high winds at Pheonix Park but pulled off a spectacular final effort that no one could match to become the youngest American man to win an Olympic winter gold medal since 1928, according to multiple reports. 

I cannot believe what has just happened it is insane.

Red Gerard
British Broadcasting Corporation

"When that score came up my jaw dropped," Gerard said, according to Team USA. "I was like, this isnt real. I would have been happy to just land a run, but to land a run and win; it's crazy."


"I was surprised to make it even to the finals of the Olympics and to get first is above me, I don't even know what's going on, to be honest," Gerard told the British Broadcasting Corporation after the event. "I cannot believe what has just happened — it is insane."


His Olympic journey is set to continue in the men's big air competition, which will be making its debut in an Olympic Games on Feb. 21.

l be making its debut in an Olympic Games on Feb. 21.


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