Olympian, a Russian curler, caught in possible doping violation at Pyeongchang

Russian curler Alexander Krushelnytsky became the first Russian athlete to be tagged for a possible doping violation, though the country has long been accused and convicted of running a country-wide doping program.

Kahron Spearman

Alexander Krushelnytsky, a Russian athlete who won a bronze medal in curling at the Winter Olympics, was busted after his A-sample was found to contain Meldonium, per the New York Times. 

Krushelnytsky has traveled to Seoul, South Korea's capital, to await confirmation of the drug test failure.

He competed with his wife, in mixed doubles curling. 

Eastern European scientists have promoted meldoniums health benefits, saying it increases blood flow. Increased blood flow also provides more oxygen to muscles and could increase endurance. While curling is far from cross-country skiing in terms of exertion, curlers spend hours on their feet and vigorously sweep the ice at regular intervals.

Meldonium, which has been one of the main drugs at the heart of the massive Russian doping scandal, is heart medicine that increases blood flow and largely banned from sports starting in 2016.

The athletes not caught in the investigative web cannot compete under the Russian flag and do so as "Olympic Athletes from Russia" with the Olympic flag as their banner.

This is the first Russian athlete to be tagged for a doping violation so far.