Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson crushes multiple homers during New York Yankees batting practice

NFL star Russell Wilson's dreams about becoming a New York Yankee are coming true, one home run at a time. See him blast multiple pitches at Spring training.

Brittany King

Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson participated in the New York Yankees spring training camp this week, and he put on quite the show. 


The Super Bowl-winning quarterback will be spending the next five days with the famed NY team after a trade last week that sent him from the Texas Rangers to the Empire State.

This is what I've known my whole life. Now, I couldn't just step on a basketball court. I wouldn't be good at basketball, but baseball, it's like riding a bike once you get back out there for me. It's not an easy sport, though. It's very, very difficult.

Russell Wilson

During batting practice, Wilson hit six home runs, according to ESPN.com. At one point, he reportedly got so hot that he hit three home runs on four pitches.


Although Wilson will be at batting practice over the next few days, he won't be playing in any games, but this doesn't mean it's a publicity stunt. 


"Some people always, for me, get confused on 'is this just a stunt' or whatever. They don't know me," the 29-year-old quarterback said. "If you really know me, baseball's been part of my blood. It's been a part of who I am and where I've come from and what I've done. When you see me make plays on the football field, a lot of that's a direct correlation to baseball."