Padres vs. Rockies brawl ends with five ejections

A fiery series concluded with a brawl tipped off with Colorado Rockies' third baseman Nolan Arenado charging the mound on San Diego Padres starter Luis Perdomo.

Kahron Spearman

Colorado Rockies' slugger Nolan Arenado charged the mound on San Diego Padres starter Luis Perdomo who sailed a fastball past the third baseman. 


It set up a wild brawl that resulted in five ejections Wednesday, during the Rockies' 6-4 win. Perdomo tossed his glove at the raging Arenado, who came at the backpedaling pitcher with quick hands.

They thought they had to do something. I thought I had to do something, too. That's kind of why I went out there.

Nolan Arenado
Third baseman, Colorado Rockies

The benches and bullpens emptied out. A still-heated Arenado screamed at Padres catcher A.J. Ellis near the Padres dugout and had to be held back, with San Diego bench coach Mark McGwire keeping the peace, according to ESPN.


Right when things calmed down, Rockies pitcher German Marquez threw a towel toward the Padres. Rockies outfielder Gerardo Parra subsequently threw a punch. 


After the umpires settled the game down, they ejected Perdomo, Ellis, Arenado, Marquez, and Parra.