Instagram introduces story archive and highlights

Now you can have a private archive of your Instagram stories without having to worry about saving them individually, they also bring out a highlights feature.

Emily Treadgold

Instagram is one of the most loved social media apps, it's safe to say the app's popularity has increased immensely in the past years. Especially with the addition of adding stories, a Snapchat-like feature that lets you post stories that go away in 24 hours. The app has previously allowed you to save individual stories and videos but this update will change the gram-game.

In a lot of ways, people get to know you through Instagram and your profile. Its such an important space, but its also one that hasnt changed very much.

Robby Stein
The Verge

In another update very similar to Snapchat's "Memories" you won't have to worry about downloading your Instagram stories, but they have put a new spin on it. You will have "Highlights" which will give you the ability to package old stories and give them a name where they'll appear on your public profile. Highlights are meant to bring more candid and personal elements to your page.