Infamous 'bad' Cristiano Ronaldo statue gets the makeover it deserves

Portuguese sculptor Emanuel Santos was commissioned by Bleacher Report to get a second chance at the bust for the Real Madrid star.

Kahron Spearman

Bleacher Report has published a short documentary about Portuguese sculptor Emanuel Santos, who was endlessly ridiculed last year for his awful bust sculpture of Real Madrid superstar and fellow countryman Cristiano Ronaldo.

B/R Football commissioned a second attempt at the bust, which went along with a lengthy article by Bleacher Report writer Kathy Naqi, to give Santos a chance redeem himself.

The redo is a rousing success, but it wasn't without some difficulty for Santos and his family.

Santos gives the bust a thumbs-up, as if it can see him doing so. Kneeling by the crate, he gingerly brushes off the styrofoam bits that have nestled alongside the ridge of its nose. He strokes the face, smiling, as if he's caressing a loved one. It's tender and sweetnot creepy. Emanuel Santos is flat-out mesmerized.

The article and short documentary went in depth into the social and mainstream media ridicule he received, which was exacerbated by the fact he lives on the island of Madiera, which also where Ronaldo is from.

He was reflective after the successful attempt. 

"One day, I want my son to understand that if he enjoys doing something very much, [he] doesn't let himself be defeated with negative criticism," Santos said to Naqi. "Sooner or later, if we believe in ourselves and are persistent, we can succeed in life. Even though his father never had a degree, isn't a teacher or a doctor [and comes] from a poor family, he was able to make something of himself in this world."