Riot teases new champ, Zoe The Aspect of Twilight.

A new League of Legends champion was teased this morning ahead of the most anticipated Worlds Finals, and while none of her abilities are really discussed yet, here are some things teased.

Alex Delape

Zoe, The Aspect of Twilight, will be a new League of Legends champion that uses combinations of abilities to make her extremely mobile. In the teaser, she has the ability to use short distance blinks along with a teleport portal to instantly get across to another point of the map. Zoe will be an extremely mobile champ that will presumably be featured as either an Midlaner or Jungler

In a video published earlier today (which you can watch above), Riot showed off the bubbly new burst mage, teasing her excitable personality as well as her skills.

Her other abilities seem to include a trap style bubble that if activated will cause opposing champions to stop and sleep in place for a few moments, a ranged boomerang attack that launches backward and then forwards, and some ability that allows her to pick up orbs which contain summoner spells. She is expected to release within the next three patches.