Four new games for Xbox Live Gold members.

For the month of November Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy 4 new titles through the Xbox Live Games with Gold program.


Bryan cano

As part of the Games with Gold program, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four free new games. Two of the games will be on Xbox One and the other two will be on Xbox 360. Thanks to backwards compatibility, Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy all 4 games.

"...Trackmania Turbo is a fun, fast, and colourful arcade racer/physics puzzler crammed with tight controls, smooth and crisp looks, and a genuinely surprising amount of solo and multiplayer content. More than that, its compulsive."


Free Xbox One titles:

    Ubisofts Trackmania Turbo: Available 11/1 through 11/30.
    Bulkhead Interactives The Turing Test: Available now through 11/15.
    Telltale Games Tales from the Borderlands Complete Season: Available 11/16 through 12/15
? Free Xbox 360 titles:
    NiGHTS into dreams: Available for 11/1 through 11/15
    Deadfall Adventures: Available 11/16 through 11/30

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