Gamers spent 7 years attempting to access a cutscene room

Members of the Termacious Trickocity gaming group spent seven years of their life going where no one had ever been... In Halo: Reach

Thomas Miller

After seven years, the members of Termacious Trickocity have finally reached the cutscene Halo: Reach room that no other player has been able to reach. The team tinkered with the game for seven years in order to find out exactly what must be done in order to access the never-before-seen room. 

We took to theater mode to get a birds eye view of what happened and found the cutscene rooms floating in the Abyss. From that moment we knew, we had to reach those areas.

Aaron Sekala
Member of Termacious Trickocity

In doing so, Termacious Trickocity had to have different players stand in exact locations at certain times to unlock uncharted territories. The group had to keep a keen eye for detail as they went as far as killing certain enemies with specific weapons in a particular approach in order to trick the computer into allowing the team into uncharted territory. Watch the video below.