Blizzard goes back in time with World of Warcraft Classic.

After years of fans making their own vanilla servers, Blizzard has finally made their own.

Alex DeLape

During Blizzcon today, an annual event that Blizzard uses to announce all their updates to their lineup of games, an announcement was teased that there will be a World of Warcraft official classic server. WoW Classic will be an official server that will be the original game prior to the first expansion Burning Crusade. Commonly referred to as “vanilla, fans have made servers attempt to replicate to bring back the days of the game from its original state with limited classes, races and a level cap of 60 compared to todays cap of 110.

“We want to reproduce the game experience that we all enjoyed from the original classic WoW without the launch experience..."

The announcement was made during the opening ceremonies of Blizzcon and no official release date has been given but is speculated to release around next September/October, falling in line with the release of the new expansion Battle for Azeroth. Fans have been asking for vanilla WoW for many years as players have missed the nostalgic difficulties the vanilla game brought with it that most of the todays current players have never experienced.