The Evil Within 2 game review.

The Evil Within 2 makes its case for the scariest game of the year with visceral horror and disturbing sadistic enemies.

The Evil Within 2

M Mature 17+ Bethesda

The Evil Within series is back, this time with the help of Shinji Mikami responsible for the original Resident Evil and more importantly Resident Evil 4. The story resumes a few years after the last game with Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he embarks to rescue his thought-to-be-dead but kidnapped daughter. With a few shortcomings in storyline and dialogue complexity the game makes up with the ability to upgrade, free roam, and choose stealth or brute force.

  • NEW
    Original Story Continuation

  • NEW
    Larger Sandbox Style Map

  • Multiplayer
    Up to 1 Player players

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"Outside the safe house is a sprawling environment. While a handy radio will point you in the direction of side missions, most of the area is a giant unknown, meant to be be slowly picked apart, as you poke away at the dark. Gone are the cramped spaces of the original game, replaced with an opportunity to approach enemies in a variety of ways."

Matthew Handrahan