Team Fortress 2 gets a surprise update!

A decade-old game, in the form of 'Team Fortress 2', will be receiving a whole new update from Valve.

Bryan Cano

Valve has announced Day 1 of 4 for updates hitting Team Fortress 2. The decade-old game will be receiving a new map, Mercenary Park, developed by Valve through its Jungle Inferno update. The map has been described as "a new jungle-themed disease-ridden three-control point map" inspired by Jurassic Park.

After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, its time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Team Fortress is heading to the tropics! I

The new update will also feature 5 jungle-themed community-created maps dedicated to specific game-modes. The maps are: Lazarus (King of the Hill), Brazil (King of the Hill), Banana Bay (payload race), Enclosed (payload), and Mossrock (attack/defend). This announcement has been labeled Day 1 of 4, so we can expect more updates and information to release within the next few days.


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