Grand Theft Auto: 6 leaked details

While fans patiently await Rockstars next big release in Red Dead Redemption II, details are starting to emerge regarding the highly anticipated GTA VI

Thomas Miller

Although the release is still years away, fans can't get enough of the new information that has been leaked regarding Grand Theft Auto VI. According to multiple reports, the game will feature former Vice City, a.k.a. Miami, as well as multiple different areas in South America. In addition, the game is set to feature its first ever female character. 

The depth of this game is unparalleled; there are hordes of side quests and missions and cool little easter eggs. You need to follow the main story in order to open up the whole city and gain access to property acquisition, but you can still spend hours just wandering around getting into trouble.

Rockstar has announced they are expecting to release the game within 3-4 years, but fans shouldn't get their hopes up too much as Rockstar is known to have delays. The game's storyline will likely feature drug trafficking between South America and 'Vice City' which was the location for GTA II, and fans can expect a revamped and retooled version of the city.