Riot Games has released a trailer for Irelia's reworked kit

Irelia is finally receiving a rework after nearly eight years. Riot Games has released a new video teasing the new and improved Irelia.

Thomas Miller

Riot Games has released a new video showcasing the reworked kit for Irelia which is set to be pushed live with patch 8.7. Although the exact release date is unknown, fans can expect the update to be released within the next few weeks. After the recent rework of Swain, fans are drooling over the teaser video published of the new Irelia. 

We once danced in harmony with the land until the tyrants defiled it. But when they shattered our spirit, we became sharpest at the break. We are the defenders of the first lamps, and we remember the cost of peace.

Riot has publicly expressed they are happy with Irelia's Bladesurge ability, but the rest of her kit is getting reworked. Although the teaser video doesn't completely show to rework, fans are chomping at the bit to play the new look Irelia. Along with Irelia, Riot is expected to make small changes to Kayn, Rumble, and LeBlanc.