NCAA Football game gets a new developer in hopes of revival.

IMV Gaming, responsible for the most recent NCAA games has announced their partnership with Big Ant Studios to bring "Gridiron Champions" in 2019.

Mason Wright

The news of Big Ant Studios being involved with NCAA Football evolution comes three years after the last video game, with the cover starring former Michigan QB Denard Robinson. Since going on hiatus, IMV Gaming has begun a new title game to replace the obsolete; their answer being Gridiron Champions. The game which has yet to receive complete funding is speculated to release in 2019.

Gridiron Champions is currently scheduled for a 2019 release date on PC and the latest consoles, giving the team the time they want to hit their 2017 funding goal and spend the entirety of 2018 developing.

Michael Straw
Staff Writer, Sports Gamers Online

One thing to note is developers have come out and said that the first edition may not be technically licensed by the NCAA, therefore not having college names or likeness, and have already been faced scrutiny from fans. At this point, it is unclear what the future is for NCAA Football. IMV Gaming is currently trying to raise $5 million in order to fund their new endeavor.