Fortnite is taking over the NBA

The co-op survival challenge game is out on most game consoles, and will be out on for mobile devices in the near future - which will probably hook more athletes and common folk alike.

Kahron Spearman

Video games have long been an obsession for athletes, at least dating back to the early days of EA's Madden series and NBA Jam, if not well before.

In the present day, there's a new obsession that's taken over. Leo Sepkowitz of the Bleacher Report wrote a piece, published Tuesday, highlighting NBA players' addiction to the co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite. 

Sepkowitz interviewed numerous NBA players, including Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond, who says the game "took my life over" from his introduction by teammate Reggie Jackson.

But the 2018 All-Star says he needs to pick his skills up.

(About his Fortnite skills) The funny part about it is I really suck. I'm just not that good.

Andre Drummond
Center, Detroit Pistons

"Basically, it's like the Hunger Games," Orlando Magic guard Terrance Ross said to Sepkowitz. "One hundred people on a map, survival gamefind your supplies, weapons, materials. And basically after that, it's every man (or team) for himself."

Epic Games released Fortnite in July on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Mac, and it will be soon playable on mobile. Sepkowitz writes that the "game briefly crashed over Super Bowl weekend as 3.4 million people played simultaneously." People even watch streams of the game on Twitch.

Other NBA players hooked on the game include Paul George, Larry Nance Jr., Gordon Hayward, and Josh Hart - who even had an in-game shoe customized with Fortnite's imagery.