NBA 2K18 vs. NBA Live 18

A comparison of the two latest basketball games out: NBA 2k18, the reigning champion, versus NBA Live 18 from EA Sports.

1 NBA 2K18

2K Sports

The latest release from 2K is risk-taking and innovative. Each player handles differently and the minutiae of controls make for nuanced & realistic player mechanics. The new Neighborhood career mode & the MyGM franchise mode are interesting move into realism, but some fans find story elements often meaningless and the virtual currency, annoying. Ultimately, the gameplay and core game elements that have made past NBA 2K games so successful have shone in this latest work.

2 NBA Live 18

EA Sports

NBA Live 18 manages to mimic the realism of basketball's intensity and fluidity, with a simplified set of reliable controls. In a similar vein of shallowness, NBA Live doesn't have a diverse set of modes, but the new career mode brags the role playing elements and customization capabilities the rest of the game seems to lack. Notably, the game is the first to include the ability to play with WNBA players. For all the action that NBA Live captures on the court, most aspects of the game could use some more complexity: from the stiffness of dribbling into the paint, to the variety of game modes.