Magic the Gathering is releasing 25-year anniversary throwback packs

Wizards of the Coast is set to launch Masters 25, a new Magic: The Gathering set which will include a throwback card in every pack.

Thomas Miller

Magic: The Gathering has announced they will be launching a Masters 25 campaign in order to commemorate the games 25th anniversary. The new Masters 25 set will feature cards from the original Magic: The Gathering both rare and common. Every Masters 25 set features a reprinted card from every black-bordered set ever produced. Masters 25 is set to launch March 16th.

What youre going to see in this set, precisely, is a theme of nostalgia and history. We picked many cards, especially at common and uncommon, that should conjure up memories.

Wizards of the Coast launched the campaign with the idea that players that hadn't played Magic: The Gathering in several years would return to the game. Players will have the ability to collect rare cards that are no longer being produced.