Mac users can now play PUBG, with GEForce NOW.

Mac users are now able to play major PC titles, such as Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, with Nvidea's free GEForce Now.

Bryan Cano

Nvidia has focused on resolving Mac's gaming limitation with its GeForce NOW service. The free beta allows you to use a virtual GeForce gaming PC through the cloud to run games otherwise restricted on Macs. Nvidia announced the streaming service last January, but the beta is now available allowing Mac users to enjoy their favorite PC titles.

Umm... Witcher 3 on the MacBook Air ? #PCMR #NVIDIA #GeforceNow

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GeForce NOW does not require you to repurchase your games. The service integrates with Steam to access games you already own. The streaming service will handle your games' GPU and CPU requirements. However, it will require a reliable internet connection.

Bring your favorite PC* games to life at max settings, with smooth frameratesall powered by GeForce GTX GPUs in the cloud. All you need is a good Internet connection, and to be located in North America. Currently, the free beta is only available for Mac users.

Setup is as simple as downloading GeForce NOW, for free, and linking it with your Steam account. Any games that you have previously purchased, or free-to-play, will be playable instantly since GeForce NOW will stream the game from the cloud. The service will run a system check before launching the game to let you know if your connection is strong enough for reliable gameplay.