Forza Motorsport 7 out today.

Microsoft Studios returns with latest in the 'Forza' series, bragging new features including 4K graphics, over 700 cars, and new upgrades.

Forza 7

E Everyone Microsoft Studios

Forza is back with numerous new features including new Dynamic Weather, and brand new re-vamped campaign, mixer spectating, and you can now stream music form your OneDrive while playing. Fans have been waiting for this and they will not be disappointed.

  • NEW
    New Forza Drivers Cup content, including new competitive and Showcase events, as well as new trophies and Driver Gear rewards.

  • NEW
    Dynamic Weather

  • Multiplayer
    Up to 12 players

  • Pre-Order Available
    $59.99 (Click Here)


Feast your eyes on a slew of new cars and some seriously impressive graphical horsepower.

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