Call of Duty WWII: 'The Resistance DLC Pack 1' out now

The first new addition to Call of Duty WWII since the game was released in November 2017 has finally arrived. The new DLC includes new maps and a brand new zombie mode.

Thomas Miller

The Resistance map pack releases only on PS4 and includes 5 new maps:


- 3 new historic multiplayer maps (Anthropoid, Occupation, Valkyrie)

- 1 new War Mode map (Operation Intercept) Bonus map

- 1 new Zombie Chapter (The Darkest Shore)


Owning a PS4 finally has its upside as the first new map pack for Call of Duty: WWII is releasing exclusively 30 days early for PS4 users only tomorrow. The resistance DLC 1 price is $14.99 for the single DLC, but one could just buy the season pass for $49.99 which includes the 4 maps plus the bonus map and will save you $10. Activision is trying to guide users to buying the season pass since it's the first DLC.

The Darkest Shore, which is themed around a fog-ridden island where the multicultural cast of characters must fight off the zombie hordes.

Let's be honest, the new and most terrifying Nazi Zombie map is what everyone is really looking forward to. The Darkest Shore takes place in Mittelburg where this island is surrounded by Nazi zombies coming at you from both the air and sea while adding fog into the mix. Some new additions to zombies is a new weapon called the Ripsaw. Not only is it a gun, but it doubles as a buzzsaw. The new Zombie game mode features zombies that are smarter than ever and attack with more damage than ever. Watch out!