Call of Duty WWII release live action trailer.

Call of Duty has finally given up on futuristic warfare for now and as gotten back to their roots with the upcoming release of Call of Duty WWII.

Vip Sitaraman

Call of Duty follows in the vein of a long line of COD live-action trailers with another humorous and cheeky take on the video game. The short calls on players to "get your squad back together," featuring a motley crew, from a lawyer to a taxi driver, joining together to play some Call of Duty.

The game, due to release November 3, takes the Call of Duty franchise back to the WWII era. The latest release, following up the futuristic 'COD Infinite Warfare' release, promises to return to the roots of the popular first-person shooter.

Call of Duty WWII

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Call of Duty has finally given up on futuristic warfare for now and as gotten back to their roots. From the beaches of Normandy to the Hrtgen Forest experience the perils of World War II with CoD's classic heart-pounding action and cinematic storyline.

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"Headquarters is the biggest innovation in CoD this year and I think it transforms how we come together as a community...You have a character that embodies you in multiplayer, and now you have a space where you and 48 other players can come together off the front lines to be social. Its a living world, like the cities in World of Warcraft.

Michael Condrey
Co-Founder, Sledgehammer Games




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