Star Wars Battlefront II beta opens.

The online beta has been released for the upcoming Battlefront II which showcases needed improvements and new introductions.

Battlefront II

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The beta released today contains 4 online game type; Galactic Assault, Strike, Arcade, and Starfighter Assault. Both Assault variants are typical large scale objective based games where players can take advantage of different weapon classes and vehicles available with earned battle points. Strike is the new 8v8 battle type that puts one team defending an artifact and the other recovering it, this seems like the game to play in order to get an initial feel for gameplay. Finally, Arcade is a player v AI variant that tasks you will clearing threats in the fastest time possible as, in the beta, as either a B2 battle droid or Darth Maul.

  • NEW
    Reintroduction of multiplayer classes

  • NEW
    Regenerative Health for Heros

  • Multiplayer
    Up to 40 Players players

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    $59.99+ (Click Here)


"Playing well earns battle points; get enough battles points and you can spawn into the map as a special unit. This might mean spending a few points to control the skies as a starfighter or saving up a ton until youre able to rush around at Darth Maul."

Heather Alexandra
Kotaku, Writer

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November 14th 2017