The formula behind 2K18 ratings.

Mike Stauffer the NBA player-ratings guru takes an in depth look at how he develops and tweaks players ratings throughout the season to satisfy both players and fans.

Thomas Miller

NBA 2K player ratings have long been criticized, but recently NBA players have began chiming in on their ratings. Hassan Whiteside was one of the first players to publicly criticize his rating after posting a triple-double with the Heat. He commented on his rating and then DM'd the 2K community manager, Chris Manning, to let him know how he felt.

Although Whiteside was one of the first to comment on it, many players have recently spoken their mind on their 2K rating. Mike Stauffer joined the 2K crew after his own 2015 rookie class downloadable roster went viral. He is now the 2K player ratings guru and has increased the variables that go in to player ratings from 20 to 45, and has helped revamped the game to more accurately reflect players game. Stauffer says he recently revamped "specialists" like Tony Allen and Kyle Korver so that their ratings better reflect the value they bring to their teams, even if their numerical stats don't.

It's not like as the ratings guy I say, 'Oh, Kyrie? He'll be a 90. We rate all the individual attributes, and whatever we put through our formulas that we constantly tweak gives us an overall value. I'm proud of what the results are. I think we get a pretty accurate representation of how good these players are and their different skill sets.

Although 2K ratings have been highly criticized by players there is a method to the madness. Stauffer says he will continue to tweak the ratings throughout the season in an attempt to keep everyone happy, but that is nearly an impossible task.