Report: XFL to return in 2020

The return of McMahon's pet project could prove a financial success, as long as they don't compete with the NFL for share and push the envelope with branding and offensive gameplay.

Kahron Spearman

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced on their social media and website that founder/ringmaster Vince McMahon would make "a major sports announcement" on Thursday. It's anticipated that McMahon will announce the return of the XFL.

CBS Sports added McMahon has apparently learned the most significant lesson: patience. 

The restart isn't expected to begin until 2020.

WWE's site stated the announcement will be live-streamed at 3 p.m. ET.

[Some] of the game's innovations (sky cam) [are] still used to this day were adopted by the NFL and other networks. The XFL failed in large part due to a confluence of misfortunes including technical difficulties, miscast announcers, changing the rules during the season, and McMahon's decision to go to the extreme by bringing adult themes into the game.

Adam Silverstein
Staff Writer, CBS Sports

There are numerous underrated aspects of the XFL coming back, including branding opportunities and the NFL.

It would behoove brands like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour to get in on the ground floor, to use the league as a proving ground for uniform and cleat designs. Moreover, the XFL will like allow brands to cover jerseys in a similar fashion to soccer. 

Secondly, the NFL would indirectly benefit from the XFL's existence, using the league for its own needs, including scouting and advanced/experimental rules and offensive game-planning.