Tom Brady ties Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in wins by QB.

The New England Patriots' Pro-Bowl QB, Tom Brady, has tied Favre and Manning for the most touchdowns in regular season history.


#4 YDS


#3 RAT


#4 TD

"That's a blessing, man, to meet someone like that. I dream to be able to be the type of quarterback he is for his team to our team."

Jameis Winston
QB, Buccaneers

Last night Tom Brady had one of his worst games of the season so far besides their week 1 loss against the Chiefs, however the Patriots came out with the win and Tom tied yet another record. Tom Brady scored his 186th touchdown in the regular season alone, and with just one more touchdown he will claim the NFL record. He already holds the record for most touchdowns overall including the post season with 211. After the game James Winston went to congratulate Tom and pay respect to one of his idols.


303 YDS

1 TD

94.1 RAT