Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana

Graphicle: Who's the best NFL quarterback of all-time. Matching up the G.O.A.T.'s: Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana – let the stats speak.

Tom Brady

#12 NE Patriots

Joe Montana

#16 SF 49ers

In last year’s season, Brady cemented his record as the greatest playoff QB of all-time: he has the most Super Bowls and playoff wins.

At the same time, Joe Montana has already established his place in the Hall of Fame, while Brady’s career isn’t quite over. We turned to the stats & awards to break it down.

63.8 CMP%

63.2 CMP%

456 TDS

152 INT

273 TDS

139 INT

97.2 RAT

92.3 RAT

I can’t call Tom Brady, or anyone, the best ever…It’s so hard to compare guys from then to now.

Joe Montana
to NBC Sports


Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl MVP

League MVP

League MVP




The stats speak for Brady, but can we compare guys from then to now?


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