Shannon Sharpe pulls out 'victory cigars' after Cowboys' loss.

Shannon Sharpe, Hall-of-Fame tight end, pulled out a 'victory cigar' to celebrate a correct prediction he made on FS1 about the Dallas Cowboys in Week 4 of the NFL.

Mason Wright

Yesterday Fox Sports 1's Undisputed, hosted by renowned sports writer Skip Bayless, and Hall-of-Fame TE Shannon Sharpe, touched on last weekend's NFL highs and lows including Skip's beloved Cowboy's 30-35 loss against the L.A. Rams. As a celebration to the other's misery, Shannon pulled out a few Black & Milds as victory cigars.

Fighting critics in the studio, Shannon soaked up the victory of last week's prediction, with a cigarillo sticking out the corner of his mouth all the time. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of his persistence: dubbing his Milds 'victory cigars'.

"I be on these Milds and Henn-dogg and now you got problems with me!"

Shannon even came with the jokes, laughing that his eyes are about to be as red as Michael Jordan's.