Saints trade AP to the Cards.

Adrian Peterson's tenure as a New Orleans Saint was short; now the Pro-Bowl running back will start for the Arizona Cardinals.

Vip Sitaraman

The New Orleans was a short-lived and awkward home for the likes of Adrian Peterson. The Saints chose to play Kamara and Ingram far more, leaving Peterson with a constantly shrinking role and the minority of snaps. It's a win for the Saints, getting a conditional pick for a runningback they weren't really getting use out of.

The Cardinals will look to Peterson to revive a 2-3 team that took a beating against the Eagles in Week 5. Arizona's offense hasn't been the same since they lost their star RB in David Johnson in Week 1, despite both Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington putting up rushing yards since.

Of course, anger has always been a part of it. When you're a competitor like I am, you're angry when you're not in there.

Peterson, who was clearly frustrated by being a 'backup' with the Saints, will most likely look to prove himself in the Cards' runningback-by-committee system. Expectations are anything but clear for the 32-year-old who played just three games in the 2016 season.