Burfict on Antonio Brown hit: 'He faked that'

The explosive Cincinnati Bengals linebacker still doesn't believe Steelers' receiver Antonio Brown was actually concussed on the play that occurred during a 2016 playoff game.

Kahron Spearman

Listening to Vontaze Burfict explain himself, it's continually tricky to make heads or tails of the hard-hitting Cincinnati Bengals linebacker.

In a story by ESPN The Magazine's Dotun Akintoye, Burfict believes Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown, human eyes, and high definition cameras have been disingenuous about the vicious hit that nearly decapitated the receiver: "He faked that."

I feel like he looked at me. The ball tipped off his hands and he kind of put his head towards my area, and I tried to fade off of him at the last second, but he initially tried to make contact because he knew he could get the flag. And just the way he went down, it was just like -- I don't know man.

Vontaze Burfict
Linebacker, Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals linebacker coach Jim Haslett, also former NFL linebacker, told Akintoye that the Arizona State product's play is from a bygone era.

"He's the most instinctive linebacker probably in the league," says Haslett. "I think teams are nervous about him. When he hits people, they hurt. It's just the way the game used to be played. Maybe that's not the way people see it now, but he plays the way you want it to be played."