Report: NFL TV ratings down 9.7 percent

The league, though still a highly profitable enterprise, also suffered an 8 percent dip after last season. Rovell reports that there could be multiple reasons for this year's downturn.

Kahron Spearman

Per Darren Rovell of ESPN, the NFL's television ratings fell 9.7 percent through the 2017 season, according to figures recorded by Nielsen.

Rovell reports that "a typical game was watched by 1.6 million fewer people this season as compared to last season (14.9 million versus 16.5 million)."

Rovell and Business Insider's Tyler Lauletta reported that there are multiple reasons for this season's downturn, including injuries and quality of play.

Additionally, the on-the-field product of the NFL was poor compared to years past. A slew of injuries to the league's most exciting players left many fans both dismayed by their team's chances but also watching a subpar game. With a schedule of "Thursday Night Football" games sometimes advertising matchups between quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Brock Osweiler, it left fans much to be desired.

The dip arrives after the league endured an 8 percent ratings decline from last season, after attempts to speed up the game flow.

Even a dipping NFL still had 20 of 30 of the highest-rated broadcasts in the calendar year. This would indicate that the NFL is still king, but reigns over a falling medium.