Tom Brady: 'Completely Wrong' about celebrating Garoppolo trade

The MVP candidate's response comes after reporting from ESPN that Brady seemed "liberated" after the team sent Garoppolo to San Francisco.

Kahron Spearman

On WEEI's Kirk and Callahan Show on Tuesday (h/t's Mike Reiss), New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady denies being 'excited' about Jimmy Garoppolo's trade to the 49ers.

"I think I'm very empathetic towards other people's experiences," said Brady. "I know those situations aren't easy. I've never been traded or released, but I can imagine how that might feel.

"I would never, ever feel that way about when Jimmy got traded, when Jacoby [Brissett] got traded. I've kept in touch with all those guys."

All these guys I've worked with, I felt like I had such a great relationship with all the quarterbacks I've worked with. I kept in touch with basically everybody. So to characterize that as a certain way is just completely, completely wrong.

Tom Brady
Quarterback, New England Patriots

His response comes after reporting from ESPN's Seth Wickersham that Brady seemed "liberated" after the team sent Garoppolo to San Francisco and that some players and staff saw he "seemed especially excited, hollering and cajoling" at practice.

Brady, head coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft had issued a joint statement denying the claims in Wickersham's reporting.