Texans reportedly won't draft players who will protest anthem, organization says it's false

The report on the Texans comes ahead of Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross boldly stating that "all of our players will be standing" for the national anthem.

Kahron Spearman

The Houston Texans and its owner, Bob McNair, have a growing set of problems, both perceptually and (perhaps) legally.

A report from the Houston Chronicle's Jerome Solomon (h/t Bleacher Report) says that the franchise may sidestep any free agent who protested during the national anthem or could have inclinations to do so in the future.

The Texas PR department has since issued a short statement denying the allegation, but Solomon says this comes directly from the mouths of two separate NFL player agents.

There is no directive within the organization, but it is considered to be understood that as desperate as the Texans are to bring in talent, the pool of potential signees and draftees will not include anyone who has participated in protests or are likely to.

Jerome Solomon
Staff Writer, Houston Chronicle

Moreover, he writes a particularly damning set of loaded assertions, though he writes that the Texans aren't a particularly racist organization. 

However, about McNair specifically: "...The Texans' owner has been racially tone-deaf often enough that many believe race is a significant factor in how the team runs its business. There are many who believe if McNair could field a team with all-white, all-conforming all-pro talent, he would."

Oof. And this is from the big hometown paper.

Per ESPN, McNair apologized in late October for comments he made at an owners meeting. In exchanges about players who protested during the national anthem, he said: "we cant have the inmates running the prison."