Super Bowl 'Selfie Kid' reveals why he was on his phone during JT performance: 'I had a video going on'

Ryan McKenna went viral after he took a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the half-time show, he instantly became a meme.

Emily Treadgold

Ryan McKenna blew up on social media after the Super Bowl. He was told he was standing in a "special section" of the audience but wasn't aware that JT would be walking through the section. After a ton of memes happened some saying he was looking up who Justin Timberlake was he said he had a video going on his phone and it shut off. 

I had a video going and my phone shut off, thats why I was on my phone. I love him. Hes like my favorite singer, so I had to get a selfie with him.

Ryan McKenna

He said he was hounded by media immediately after. Now, he's adjusting to his new life as a viral star. He said he gained about 8,000 followers that night.


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