See the wildest moments from Philly's celebrations and the destruction after the Super Bowl

The New Patriots suffered a brutal defeat 41-33 to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in Super Bowl LII and Eagles fans went wild.

Brittany King

Philadelphia was set ablaze literally. After Tom Brady and the New England Patriots suffered a devasting defeat at 41-33 to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in Super Bowl LII, chaos erupted within the streets of Philadelphia. 


Fans wasted no time celebrating the Eagles's first-ever Super Bowl victory in franchise history, but they definitely took things a little too far. 


Were bringing it home, Philly!

Fans began sharing wild videos on social media, featuring burning vehicles, fires, cars being flipped, fireworks being shot in the middle of streets, looting in stores and people jumping onto police vans. 


It didn't stop there. Check out the collection of chaotic videos from the night! 

Even Philly cops are celebrating. ?? (via RobertMoran215/Twitter)

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