Le'Veon Bell subtweets Steelers after asking for $17M

It's reported that the All-Pro running back is looking for a contract more in line with teammate and wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Kahron Spearman

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell aired out his frustrations over his contract situation on Thursday, taking aim at the seeming negative response and perception in Pittsburgh. 

It was recently reported that he's looking for a contract similar to teammate Antonio Brown.

The All-Pro, who received the franchise tag from the Steelers for the second straight season, vented with a strongly worded one line tweet. 

It's so hard to be a hero in a city that paints [you] out to be the villain.

In early March, Bell said that the Steelers increased their contract offer but that he and team still had not found common ground. He's seeking a long-term contract, with at least $14.5 million per year. 

He's said he'd consider sitting out training camp and even regular-season games - but later said he'd report. However, Bell only needs to report by Week 10 to accrue an NFL season and maintain eligibility for free agency in 2019.